dArt Tropical Islands vol.1

dArt Tropical Islands vol.1

dArt Tropical Islands Screensaver will take you to paradise
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musicAre you almost begging for a break?
Are your daily routine and all its stress almost killing you?
Get ready to take the vacations of your lifetime.
dArt Tropical Islands Screensaver will take you to paradise.
This awesome screensaver will embark you on a journey to a place very similar to what Paradise should be. You will visit places unspoiled by human hand, and where nothing will remind you anything about your daily troubles.
This is a place where you can finally let your mind loose, and allow it to think in whatever it wants to. You will really let your mind free to roam.
Soon, your body will start loosening up too. Finally you obtain the relaxation that you greatly deserve.
You will see high quality images of tropical islands in different times of the day, and several different scenes. One thing is definite: they are all completely breath taking.
Clear crystal water, spectacular sunsets, and beautiful palm trees.
The perfect place to really relax!
dArt Tropical Islands Screensaver includes a very relaxing and soothing music soundtrack that will definitely be the complement for your total relaxation.

Fernando Soni
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  • Breath taking scenes
  • Great music
  • Very relaxing


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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